We are WorldWeCan

We are a revolutionary Global Movement & Humanitarian Network that unites artists, professionals, charities & people to urgently save the planet & humanity.

The evolution of charity & fair fashion.
Earn rewards, prizes & cash for participating.
If millions of us unite, we can save our future!

The Problems we Face

Unethical Fashion

Fast fashion & product companies pollute the environment, use slave & child labor. You just don’t see it. 

Distrust in Charities

People have lost faith in charities big & small, because they are secretly corrupt. Hiding it with marketing.

Civilization Collapse

A collapse threatens to shut down the internet, economy & energy grid. We are reaching a point of no return. We need to take action!

Our Solution

We have 6 key strategies. All focused in giving you benefits as an individual, to your local area & the global community.


Earn Cash & Rewards!

Register an account & start earning Hero points for activity while saving our planet. Get rewards, earn cash & prizes. Stay active & we’ll gift you money!


Real Charity Action

We help the most important causes & prove it with photos, reports & GPS coordinates. You can help knowing your donations are real.


Circular Supply Chain

From start to end, our entire supply chain creates an impact. Giving jobs to artists, charity work & professionals while helping the most crucial causes.


Create Millions of Jobs

Our action creates millions of jobs in 45 industries. Helps you & the communities. Make a better world for everyone & have fun doing it!


Better Fashion Brand

Stop purchasing at unethical companies. At our shop you can buy products that are Fair Wear certified. 100% profits go to save the planet & humanity!


Ensure Your Survival!

Even if the economy, internet or energy grid collapsed, our survival networks will still operate & allow work or trade for vital needs. Protecting our survival!


Real pictures from the trusted charity projects we support.


How to save our future in less than 10 minutes!


Register & earn! 

Start earning Hero points & rewards. The more activity, the more points you earn while saving our planet & humanity.



Donate 2$ to the Fund.

Millions of us united can fund the movement. Funds go to help the causes, create millions of jobs & the global charity network team.



Donate 2$ Local Action

100% donations go to create a survival network in your city (food, water & vital causes). In case of collapse, you will be able to work or trade for vital needs.



Spread the Word!

Share Online: Share the movement on social media. Share it with friends & family. Send emails to local news stations & websites. Share Offline: get flyers!



Get a T-Shirt

Buy the official t-shirts or other merch at our shop. 100% profits go to save our lives & future. While creating more jobs that help the movement & causes.



Enjoy the Progress

Continue the conversation by spreading the word. Favorite our website for news about the progress, giveaways & actions to save our future.

Still not convinced?
Check out more incredible benefits!

Only the best quality

Premium Certified Ecologic Merch

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The designs are so cool! And to think that when you buy one of these shirts, in addition to lasting a lot, you will contribute something to the environment and the social economy… Fantastic!

Ohad L.

Great designs, good causes!
The designs are great and they are also for good causes!

Maria J. B.

A project to triumph!
These projects are the ones that must triumph.

Fede C.

Awesome messages!
Great project! Awesome messages and ideal designs!

Aina S.

Feeling Great!
Feels good to contribute to the cause. Shirt is fantastic. I love the cause.

Irene B.


We need everyone to join the initiative to ensure yours and our mutual survival. Cooperation is the future of humanity. By registering you also earn rewards, cash, prizes & money giveaways. Gifting you is our method!

100% proceeds go to create a Global Charity Network to save our lives & the planet. We will open charity hubs in every city of the world. The networks produce vital needs such as food, water, regenerate the ecosystem, jobs & many more benefits for the local & global community.

Yes! We prove all donations with reports, photos & GPS locations. With us you can trust all donations arrive to save our planet & future. Plus, we create Charity Networks localized around the world. Providing jobs for thousands of people for vital needs.

Yes! Our entire supply chain makes a positive impact from start to end. It’s sustainable & ethical. Without child labor. We got higher quality materials. At great prices. With original, fun & motivational art. Made by independent artists. And 100% of the profits go to save your future, Earth & humanity.

We accept all major credit cards, Paypal & cryptocurrencies!

Yes! We got the same level of security your bank has. Which is SSL encrypted transactions & PCI Compliance. With 24h monitoring.

We create jobs for more than 45 industries! We can potentially provide jobs for hundreds of millions of people for the best causes.

Yes! Follow the tutorial to save humanity on this page. And spread the word. If you want to apply for a job, stay tuned for when job vacancies are open! Working in our organization gives you the best benefits while you save your future & the world.

We are located worldwide with facilities in Spain, France, United States, Canada & Mexico allowing us to deliver all around the world. Soon opening at more places!

Our official websites are WorldWeCan.org (charity focused) & WorldWeCan.com (specialized store). Both help our mission.