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Why donate to save the planet & humanity?

– Global Network: funds a worldwide network of artists, professionals & charities for the most vital causes. In every city of the planet. These city networks get inter-connected with those of others cities, forming a Global Humanitarian Network.
– Basic Vital Needs: we help create a network for the most important needs to all human beings: food, water, oxygen, clothing, shelter & much more! By providing access & reserves for vital human needs in every city of the world (primarily food & water), our survival will be guaranteed.
– 100% Real Charity: we prove all donations with reports, photos & GPS locations of all the projects we support around the world.
– Protecting You: from environmental contamination (pollution & radiation) providing the tools necessary to protect your community. We also donate essential items to protect communities.
– Jobs for Critical Causes: food production at farms & supplies, building water wells & supplying water filters, etc. All dedicated to save humanity.
– Support the Action: help us cover the costs of running & growing the platform. This also helps us hire people for the World Team to save the planet & humanity. We also hire artists, web developers, pay website hosting fees & social ad campaigns to spread the word. The more we donate together, the faster we can save our world & future!


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Big Goal: $50.000

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Global Humanitarian Network Fund is the easiest and fastest way to connect with people everywhere and create a worldwide chain to save our lives, planet and humanity!

Our global network to save humanity supports the most critical humanitarian causes around the world. Each local action forms an inter-connected worldwide network creating jobs to save the planet and humanity all over the world. Helping everyone, no matter the race, social status or procedence. Including you and your family! 

The most important and vital causes to ensure our survival: food supplies, drinkable water, oxygen, reforestation, ocean regeneration, saving the food chain, saving the bees, saving children and creating essential jobs for our survival. In a transparent way, showing proof, so everyone can see the impact!

The idea is to unite as many people as possible with donations starting from 1$, 2$, 5$ or more. Almost everyone can donate 1$, 2$ or 5$ per month. If 1, 10 or 100 million of us unite with 2$ monthly, imagine all the crucial causes we can help in locations around the world. We will also use the funds to invest in online ads, TV ads & local physical banners in every city. The causes we help spreaded everywhere, form a global network that can save our lives and future with supplies of food, water and much more. If you are in a position to donate more, or if you can contact someone who can donate larger quantities to help our humanitarian network, please do! We need donors, investors, celebrities to accelerate & expand our movement globally!

Yes, 100%! When each project is completed we share reports, photos and GPS locations. This way you can be 100% sure of our real charity and impact.

Our crews operate in all the countries of the world. We will operate in your city & open stores & charity hubs in as many cities as we can around the world. But we can’t do it alone, we need your help!

We are creating jobs for more than 45 different industries! This means we can create for millions of people around the world for great causes to save our world. Always looking for a healthy balance between the benefits of the 4th industrial revolution and automation. Click here to learn all about the jobs we create!

Yes! 100% better.

• Common charities have lost the trust of the people.
• The Problem: the misuse and theft of the donations by charities.
• We solve this problem: when a project is completed, we 100% prove all donations with photos, reports and locations.
• This way you can be 100% sure that your donations saves our planet and humanity.
• We only collaborate with transparent charities. The projects are also done by ourselves and local communities. Cooperation is the key for our survival.
• The goal is to build humanitarian networks in locations around the world, creating millions of jobs for the people and critical causes! Forming a global network to save our lives.

Yes! We use the same technology your bank uses! SSL and PCI Complaint transactions which are all encrypted and ensure maximum security. Our team also stays up to date with the latest security technology.

Yes! Have you heard of the Pineapple Fund? The founder donated $55.000.000 in crypto (Bitcoin) to charities. No matter if less or more, you can help save our planet and humanity with cryptocurrencies too. Support a honest charity! Click the button below to donate crypto! If you know someone who can donate big ammounts of crypto, please do tell them about our global charity action!

First, that’s amazing. And yes, we need as much possible help to save our lives & planet. No matter the donation, big or small. Just enter your desired monthly or one time donation. And receive the confirmation. It will support the platform costs, hiring employees, creating a big team for vital causes, TV ads, city banners & improving the platform to help us save humanity, including you and your family.