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WorldWeCan™ Foundation is a Global Cooperative International Network and System that connects artists, professionals, charities and human beings all around to help the most vital causes to save ourselves, humanity and the planet! We raise awareness of critical problems and provide direct solutions. The goal is to rise funds via the purchases of our amazing art and life essential products or via donations to grow our cooperative charity network, create jobs for essential needs, and save our planet, lives and future!

Here are the awesome causes we support! Local projects around the world that together form a global network to save the planet and humanity. The more shop sales and donations we receive, the bigger the network to save us all.

– Grow & Provide Food: connecting farmers, investors, volunteers & workers for sustainable food production & supply

– Provide Clean Drinkable Water: building wells, providing filters & more.

– Save & Rescue Animals: saving animals saves our ecosystem, food chain & ourselves.

– Build Schools: learning is essential for the survival of our children & humanity.

– Raise Awareness: of important causes, working together and donating to help them.

– Religions for Peace: worldwide peace between religions via the golden rule.

– Jobs for the Homeless: train them for occupations, provide interviews and jobs.

– Save Dogs & Cats: providing food and essential items at shelters for our noble companions.

– Save the Bees: they support 1/3 of the food we eat and preserve our ecosystem.

– Save Children: they are our future and the future of humanity.

– Save the Oceans & Reefs: they produce oxygen and is vital for our survival, through coral reef restoration and ocean projects.

– World Peace: campaigns and publicity to support peace around the world to save humanity and avoid self-destruction and extinction.

Thanks for wanting to be part of the solution to save our future and our current and next generations! Here are a few ideas how you can get involved:

1. Spread the Word: Talk about and share our movement (#WorldWeCan) with your friends, co-workers and family.

2. Join the Action: Participate to save our planet and humanity by shopping or donating from 3$ every month. If millions of us unite, with our circular cooperative system we can save our lives and ecosystem!

3. Educate & Raise Awareness: We’re showing the world the most critial humanitarian problems and the solutions. Tag 3 friends and introduce them to our social channels so they can join the movement.


WorldWeCan™ is a Global Humanitarian Cooperative Network & System, Social Enterprise, Fashion Brand & Charitable initiative that unites artists, professionals, local organizations, charities and people to create local cooperative networks for critical causes to save ourselves & humanity!

The best is to follow the tutorial. You can start saving your future in less than 10 minutes!

1) Register & start earning rewards, cash & prizes while saving our future!

2) Donate from 3$ to the crowdfunding! If 1, 10 or 100 million of us quickly unite with 2$ or 5$, we can setup global networks for food supplies, water supplies, and the most vital causes to save our lives and future. 2$ allows everyone to collaborate! But you can donate more if you can!

3) Shop awesome art by independent artists, with eco-friendly and ethically made products for yourself, family and friends. Your purchases help the circular impact and network.to save ourselves and our world.

4) Share & spread the word with friends, family, social media, news, forums, schools, univesities, influencers and websites.

Finally, we will post updates about the impact we make together. So you can enjoy & follow the progress!

When you shop high quality art and products from WorldWeCan™, you help all kids, men and women alike, creating jobs to save our planet and support the survival of humanity, including your own! Uniting with millions of other worldwide supporters to create a humanitarian collective network!

Support our Global Movement & Network to Save Humanity:

– For Causes: We create products, raise awareness and help vital causes for our survival.

– Jobs: We are creating thousands and soon millions of jobs for great causes and people around the world. In more than 45 different industries!

– Economic Crisis: The economic and job losses caused by the lockdowns can be restored with the jobs for causes we create around the world.

– Sustainable: Our projects are sustainable and preserve humanity in the short and long term. Creating a better world for all.

– Positive Impact: Our products, supply chain and charity network create multiple positive impacts from start to end! 

– True Charity: We prove all projects with photos, reports and locations.

– Global Network: Local projects and jobs around the world, building an inter-connected global network to save the planet and humanity.

– Survival: Support the survival of your family, friends and yourself.

– Collapse Proof: Even if the economy, internet or energy grid collapses, our networks will be in place. And everyone will be able to work or trade for vital and essential items until the situation is restored. 

Yes! We provide you fair fashion and a supply chain that creates a multiple positive humanitarian and ecological impact to save your life and future, and the future generations.

– Sustainable production, supply chain and raw materials.
– Ethical jobs (Fair Wear certified).
– Fair wages (WRAP certified).
– Amazing high quality art.
– Made by international artists.
– A portion of the sales goes to artists.
– The art raises awareness of causes.
– Incredible art: viral, funny, motivational, quotes and more.
– Every sale directly donates to critical humanitarian and ecological causes.
– Our products are made to last.
– At the end of their lifetime, products can be returned to us and we will repurpose them into new products. Made to last, forever!
– We also donate recycled or returned products to children and people in need. Raising awareness of the movement at the same time!
– The collective combination of the purchases in our shop, funds jobs and our global network to save the planet and humanity.

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Yes, WorldWeCan™ is 100% better!

– Common charities have lost the trust of the people.
– The problem: the misuse and theft of the donations.
– We solve this problem! When a project is completed, we 100% prove all our donations with photos, reports and locations.
– This way you can be 100% sure that our planet and humanity is saved.
– We only collaborate with transparent charities. Many of the projects are also done by ourselves and local communities.
– The goal is to open our network in countries around the world, creating millions of jobs for the people and critical causes!

Are you ready to collaborate?
If 1, 10 or 100 million of us collaborate from only 3$ every month, we can support the global network to create jobs, help causes, save the world, our lives and future together! We can do it!

Why from only 3$?
Because almost everyone can donate from 3$. We also accept bigger donations if you can. No matter if big or small, all must help the mission to save us and our world! We are also looking for big donors to accelerate it! Share it if you know a big donor.

Click here to Donate and collaborate from 1$, your and our survival is at stake!


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Always be sure to double-check your information before placing an order.

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No, we’re exclusively an online shop. Our products are online exclusive, you will not find them eslewhere.


We want you to have an unforgettable shopping experience. Our buyers are responsible for selecting high-quality products to guarantee a satisfactory purchase. And help humanity with your support!

Therefore we replace, free of charge, all faulty, damaged or incorrect items. Over 99% of our orders arrive perfectly. So your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

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In the rare event that you receive incorrect, misprinted or damaged items, please contact us within 14 days of receipt. We will make sure to get a replacement item shipped out to you as fast as possible! 


1) Please inform of the problem by contacting us within 14 days of the receipt of your goods at [email protected] providing your Name, Order number & Photos of the problem and a brief description.

2) The item has to be unworn, unwashed and in the original packaging with its unique tag.

The followings are exceptions:

– Damaged (NOT defective) items

– Dirty items

– Items that have been altered

– Items not in their original packaging

Items described on this list of exceptions won’t be accepted.

Items that were delivered by us incorrectly, misprinted or damaged will be replaced 100% free of charge for you!

3) You will receive a reply from our team and if the exchange is approved we will organize a priority replacement for you! We will give it priority over normal orders so it arrives faster!

Please do not send your purchase back to our warehouse prior receiving our confirmation.


We cannot accept any claims for faulty goods if they have been used, worn or in any way tampered with and we cannot accept any consequential losses relating to the purchase of these goods.

According to European regulations the right of withdrawal may not be provided for:

– The supply of goods that are made to order or personalized to the consumer;
– Sealed goods which were unsealed after delivery and thus aren’t suitable for return due to health protection or hygiene reasons,

therefore, as our items are made to order and personalized, WorldWeCan™ reserves all rights about returns at its discretion.

The user will be responsible for paying the return shipping fee in the case of the return of an item. 

Depending on the shipping company, the time it may take for your product to reach our facilities, may vary. 

If you are shipping an item valued over $75, we recommend you to consider using a trackable shipping service or purchasing shipping insurance. We don’t guarantee that we will receive your returned items, your selected shipping company is the one responsible of the delivery.

Wrong Address – If you provide an address that is considered insufficient by the courier or addressee unknown, the shipment will be returned to our facilities. We are not able to cover reshipment costs due to address errors, so you will be liable for reshipment costs once you have sent the correct address and we have confirmed the updated address with you.

Unclaimed – Shipments that go unclaimed are returned to our facility and as we are not able to cover reshipments, you will be liable for the cost of the reshipment. If we do not hear from you within 14 days your item will be donated to someone in need!

Non-returnable Items:
The following items are non-returnable,
– Gift cards.
– Downloadable digital products.
– Health and personal care items.

Our products are made to order and once we process the order we donate its profits to humanitarian and environmental causes. As our products are made to order and profits donated for charity, we reserve the right to provide exchanges.

But if you truly need to make a size exchange, contact us at [email protected], we will review your case and do our best to provide you a solution. Contact us before 14 days have gone by since the arrival of your purchase.

Please, always make sure to check the Size Table provided within each listing together with the detailed Product Description before placing your order.

All our products are prepared and made on demand in our facilities. This means they are made personally for you. Once the orders are processed, profits are donated to our humanitarian and ecological projects and causes (saving children, nature, etc.).

Therefore we are not able to offer refunds after the production has started. If you quickly inform us we may be able to stop production before it starts and issue you a refund.

Send an email to [email protected] with the title “#Your Order Number / Refund”. We’ll always make everything we can to keep you satisfied and continue saving the planet and humanity together! 

Please check the Size Table in the product description and your order information before completing your order to prevent such cases.

If you have any doubts or questions we will be happy to assist you. You can contact us at [email protected].