Help Local Survival Networks!

For Your Life. For Our Future.

Join a network for vital needs.

Easy & fast way to save our lives.

For our children, men & women!

How does it work?


1. Select a City

Select a city & donate 1$, 5$ or the amount you can! Your donation will be multiplied by thousands of other supporters to create a local survival network for food, drinkable water, jobs & environmental actions.


2. Local Campaign

Through crowdfunding we target your location to reach local people to support the survival network. Hiring employees & creating jobs for causes. The more people unites & donates, the better! Spread the word!


3. For Your Survival

We connect professionals, organizations, charities & local citizens to supply food, water, jobs and vital needs in your community!

Even if the economy, internet or energy grid collapsed, the local networks will stay operative & allow work or trade for basic vital needs. Join now!

100% Verified Donations

All donations are proven with reports, photos & locations. Join a local network, save your future & see the progress!

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