The Greatest Humanitarian Problems

Distrust in Charities

People have lost faith in charities, because they display corruption & theft. Hiding it with marketing.

Unethical Fashion

Fast fashion & product companies pollute the environment, use slave & child labor. You just don’t see it. 

Civilization Collapse

There are dangers about the internet, economy & energy grid collapsing. If we setup our local networks quickly, we will be able to provide food & water supplies, work & trading for vital items.


We have 6 key action strategies focused in giving & providing to every child, man & woman, no matter their race, sex or religion.


Earn Cash & Rewards!

Register an account & start earning Hero points for activity while saving our planet. Get rewards, earn cash & prizes. Stay active & we’ll gift you money!


Real Charity Action

We help the most important causes, proving every project we support with photos, reports & GPS coordinates. You can help knowing your donations are real.


Circular Supply Chain

From start to end, our entire supply chain creates an impact. Giving jobs to artists, charity work & professionals while helping the most crucial causes.


Create Millions of Jobs

Our action creates millions of jobs in 45 industries. Helps you & the communities. Create a sustainable life for everyone. Make the world a better place & have fun doing it!


Better Fashion Brand

Stop purchasing at unethical companies. At our shop you can buy merch that is Fair Wear certified. 100% profits go to save the planet & humanity!


Ensure Your Survival

Even if the economy, internet or energy grid collapsed, our survival networks spreaded worldwide, will still operate & allow work or trade for vital needs. Ensuring our survival & a future for all!

Reliable Solutions:

– Food supplies & green farms.
– Water wells & water filters.
– Eco-communities & eco-cities.
– Eco-friendly clothing that also helps critical humanitarian causes.
– Protection against contamination.
– Environmental restoration actions.
– Saving animals & the food chain.
– Jobs for vital causes.
– Work & trading for human needs.
– The network saves the planet & humanity.

Join the Action

Support the Global Humanitarian Network to save our future & humanity. Donate & share at maximum speed, help causes, create jobs & provide a better future to everyone. Millions of us united can make it possible! Join us now!

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