Survival Network: Málaga

Save Your Life. Save Our Future.

Join a network for vital needs.

An easy & fast way to save our lives.

United for our children, men & women.

Want to save your life & future?

Support a survival network to help the most crucial causes, provide food, water & essential needs locally.

Food Supplies

We connect landowners with donors, workers, volunteers, investors and citizens to sustainably grow food.

Water Supplies

We build wells, piped systems, provide water filters and rainwater harvesting solutions! Water is a human need.

Vital Oxygen

We regenerate local forests (including fruit trees) and the surrounding ocean to preserve the oxygen production. Local solutions with local volunteers, workers and investors. Green eco city projects to improve everyone’s health.


Our networks can provide jobs for more than 45 industries! This means we can create thousands and millions of jobs to help awesome causes, save planet and the future of humanity. A win-win situation for everyone!

Ensure Your Survival

Support the local network, spread the word, invite your friends to setup a local survival network in your city. Even if the economy, internet or energy grid collapses, the network will be operative, producing food, water, providing jobs and enabling the trade of vital needs!

100% Verified Donations

All donations are proven with reports, photos & locations. Join your local survival network, save your future & see the progress!

How does it work?


1. Local Network

Donate 1$, 2$, 5$ or the amount you can to create a local survival network in your city. Your donation will be multiplied by thousands of other supporters to protect you. Creating a survival network for your city: food farms, water reserves, jobs, protection from contamination & environmental restoration.


2. Local Campaign

With the funding we target your location with creative ads to reach more local people to support your local survival network. The more people unites & donates, the better! Help us spread the word! Share, share, share!


3. Ensure Your Survival

We connect professionals, organizations, charities & local citizens for food, water, jobs and vital needs in your community. Even if the economy, internet or energy grid collapsed, the local network will operate & allow work or trade for vital needs. Take action & protect your survival!